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My goal is to teach you everything I have learned from experience so that you may improve as quickly as possible. This includes knowledge passed down to me from my greatest mentors: Jeremy Caniglia and Odd Nerdrum. 

What Can I Learn On Your Patreon? 

The classical philosophy, methods, and techniques that are necessary

to make a masterpiece:

  • Classical painting/drawing techniques: Transparent Layering, Sanding, Glazing, Sfumato, Impasto, etc. 

  • Old Master canvas preparation: Odd Nerdrum's preparation that is the same as what Rembrandt used. 

  • Odd Nerdrum’s methods: Everything I learned while I was a pupil in Nerdrum's studio 

  • Kitsch Philosophy: Odd Nerdrum's classical painting philosophy that dates back to the greatest masters of the Renaissance and Ancient Greece.

  • Insights into the greatest masterpieces: Based on my in depth study of masterpieces by Rembrandt, Titian, Leonardo, Caravaggio, Nerdrum etc.


  • How to imitate the masters: Not a simple master copy, but how to use masterworks as a basis for comparison to improve your own paintings and create the same effects. 

  • Storytelling in paintings: How to actually create narrative in your paintings to grip viewers. 

  • How to hone your skills: Advice based on my all of my experience of success and shortcoming so that you can improve your skills rapidly. 

How Will Your Patreon Help Me Learn? 

  • Methods AND Philosophy: I cover the different methods you can use to achieve similar results AND the underlying philosophy that is foundational for making a masterpiece. Odd Nerdrum, Rembrandt, Titian, Caravaggio, and Leonardo represent the gold standard that I want to help you achieve.

  • Personalized Learning: I provide an in depth personalized education. Through live events, critiques, the ‘kitsch town’ group chat, and video requests I am able to help you with your needs as an individual. 

  • Questions Get Answered: I will answer any and all questions that you may have

  • Critique and Advice: I will critique your paintings and give advice about what you should focus on for improvement. 

What If I Change My Mind? There's No Risk!

  • You can cancel at anytime. Plus I offer a full refund to anyone who is unhappy in the first month. So there's really no risk at all!

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