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March 3rd-10th sweepstakes giveaway

The Prize: 

A limited edition hand signed silk screen print of 'Rebecca'. 


The entries will begin as soon as the Tiktok is published on March 3rd 2021 and will last until March 10th at 3:00 pm (CST). 


Anyone with a United States address over the age of 13 who follows me on Tiktok, follows me on instagram, and tags 5 people in the comment of the sweepstakes giveaway Tiktok video is eligible. Anyone under the age of 13 is not eligible. No purchase is necessary. This sweepstake is in no way affiliated with TikTok or Instagram.

How the winner is chosen:

On March 10th at 3:00 pm (CST) I will make the video private to close the submissions and select the winner. The winner will be chosen randomly from the comments section. I will have Siri choose a random number then find the corresponding comment by counting down through my comment section. Eligibility will be verified after that, if the selected commenter is not eligible I will have siri choose another random number and continue to do so until I find someone eligible. If I do not find an eligible contestant within 5 random numbers I will then begin to go down one comment at a time from the 5th random number until I find an eligible contestant. The selected contestant must respond to my direct messages within 24 hours and have a verifiable United States address that I can mail the prize to or I will search for another eligible contestant. 

Claiming the prize:

You must have a valid United States address. I will mail the print to  the winner. 

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